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Testing my yard sale to show up on the map
1 attendants
119, mebane,
United States
1535 days ago
The Colonial Inn Hillsborough, NC going down! When I first moved to North Carolina it was Hillsborough that I set up my home of over 15 years now. I was walking distance from this historical landmark and it was operational when I got here and for a awhile after. It’s really sad to see this great hi…
1578 days ago
This is taken from the current site here, which we will post events, images, videos and more! Come join and find great places to hunt…
0 fans
mebane, United States
1592 days ago
Whenever a person asks me what my leisure activity is and I inform them it is metal detector discovering they almost always seem caught in between fascination and small embarrassment wherefore they picture is a lonely geeky previous time. The second problem (if there is one) is usually either are yo…
1643 days ago
I live in North Carolina and I love to Metal Detect! Metal Detecting here in NC has become more then just a hobby, its a great way to get out and meet people, get some exercise, learn the history and much much more! I recently reunited with a old work colleague if not for Metal Detecting around Nort…
1669 days ago
Found this while reading about Diamonds found while prospecting. It was found at the Arkansas Crater Of Diamonds State Park. Its said to be around 3 ct. big! More on this story here. Also see these videos from the same Cater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas...  I wonder if I can find one in Nor…
1698 days ago
Geodetecting club
0 fans
United States
After the GPAA Mathews Kannapolis, NC outing yesterday, and meeting a fellow metal detectorist & from living here for almost 16 years, originally from Michigan (wow has it been that long), going to some of the Mebane Historical Museum gatherings about different history event and such, I never kn…
1701 days ago
Treasure Hunter Named Merlin Strikes Gold And Finds 18 Carat Nugget On Seabed Of British Beach 'When I lifted it out of the water I couldn't believe my eyes, it was unbelievable. 'It was one of those once in a life time finds. I couldn't believe it, it is massive and so heavy. 'Over the years he…
1704 days ago
Metal detectors are typically used by certain professionals such as old maps of your area, and comparing them to modern day maps. Metal detecting on the beach can also have those heart stopping moments, when you have spent the whole day walking for denomination it is, the identity of the head on the…
1711 days ago
Have you heard this story??? WOW! I wish I could find a treasure like this! (CNN) -- A rare Chinese bowl bought for about $3 from a yard sale in the U.S. sold for $2.2 million at an auction in New York on Tuesday. The bowl, found in New York state, "was bought for a few dollars from a …
1720 days ago
I live in NC and was looking at places to go and prospect for gold or rock hound for gems. I was looking at the National Forest in NC that include Croatan, Nantahala, Pisgah, Uwharrie, per this map and this site which has some great info, I found this info on this site below about the restriction…
1750 days ago
I just came back from a one year Cidrarock Park to Metal Detect, before I did this I double checked to see if it was still okay from the permission I received last year, I was extremely disappointing to find out I couldn't! I asked why, stating I had permission last year, I was told to many people w…
1759 days ago
I have been to the beach several times and I'm yet to find any type of Jewelry, does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance, GDT.
1937 days ago
In the Appalachian foothills of western North Carolina, archaeologists have discovered remains of a 16th-century fort, the earliest one built by Europeans deep in the interior of what is now the United States. The fort is a reminder of a neglected period in colonial history, when Spain’s expansive a…
1942 days ago
Meet this guy today down at South Port NC, he's been detecting since he was 16!!!
1944 days ago
Welcome to GDT site and our club, enjoy!
3 fans
United States
1978 days ago
I have found this to be so true over the years, and recently it has really paid off! I was at Northern Tool looking at a power source for my Gold Cube and the kind older gentlemen asked me what I was doing this for? I hesitated and told him, his eyes lit up because he also has done this in the past …
1980 days ago
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Introducing a rare and unique .999 Nickel Bullion of Precious Metal!   Unlike most Bullion's or Coins, the GEO Detecting Nickel Medallion has more numismatic value; it’s used in a game for prizes and trading to other members for treasure hunting and scavenger type hobby.   GEO Detecting is a newly creating game but is similar to – GEO Caching, Metal Detecting, Hiking, Biking, and GPS where you find REAL Treasure.   Future GEO Detecting Medallions will have a numbering sys…
2628 days ago · From admin
  Introducing a rare and unique .999 Copper Bullion of Precious Metal!   Unlike most Bullion's or Coins, the GEO Detecting Copper Medallion has more numismatic value; it’s used in a game for prizes and trading to other members for treasure hunting and scavenger type hobby.   GEO Detecting is a newly creating game but is similar to – GEO Caching, Metal Detecting, Hiking, Biking, and GPS where you find REAL Treasure.   Future GEO Detecting Medallions will have a numb…
2600 days ago · From admin
Vintage Embossed Wine Bottle. 1 pint.  Nice Embossed grapes. On the bottom of the bottle states "Ball, Wine, 70016" Very Good Condition.  Please e-mail any questions that you might have before you purchase.  We are happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases.  Thank you for visiting My Price is $10.00 OBO plus $6.00 for shipping. Contact me about shipping, insurance, taxes etc.
2100 days ago · From admin
Silver Glen Dairy Vintage Half Pint Milk Bottle Durham NC, great condition, found in bottle dumb, cleaned it up with soap and water, very very nice condition! Contact me here, sell for $20.00 + $10 shipping
2092 days ago · From admin
US QUARTERS Custom order made or finished pieces Wrapped in stainless steel and or Anodized Colored Aluminum Japanese 2-1 Chain maille weave and strung on braided Black (OR) White leather type cord. These are 100% coinage and wrapped by hand and tumbled to remove any barbs. Cleaning is as easy dish soap and water and air dry.
2097 days ago · From