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About Us

Geo Detecting Treasure® is a social website that allows members to use a combination of Geo Caching, GPS, Metal Detecting, History Data Collecting, Scavenger Hunting to find caches!!!


Geo Detecting Treasure™ is also a smart Community with many great features, the most popular are listed here:


*Forced Matrix Affiliate where you can earn money or points to win prizes.


*Photo Battle, where you can battle with another member.


*My Banner, you can advertise your products and services.


*Points & Raffle, where you can earn points and win prizes.


*Clubs, add or create a club.


*Facebook like Chat & Wall.


*Places, add a place where you have been, GeoCaching Meta Keywords enhancement.


*Email, connect, rate, and much much more to offer you as a member!


Intro video on the NEW Website & APP coming soon.


Check out our new APP soon to be on the Android & iTunes market early 2013.