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Good evening GDT members,  I'm writing this blog to show my support to our Founder (Bill) whom has gone through thick and thin with this website and the many programmers who couldn't produce what they said they would to finish our groups club site, With ma
· 1992 days ago

I posted this also on my FB page so i just copied it and pasting it here also.. Ok so i got my new A52 sluice friday and been doin alot of research about my area about gold and the slate belt that runs really close to me, Went out yesterday with the kids
· 1993 days ago

Well out with the old in with the new! I had to fire my current and old programmer, to many bad things to talk about one I'm sure your familiar  with, the APP & new website was taking toooo long! So, new programmer for the APK is in and going to choos
admin · 2156 days ago

While out on a Club Hunt 12/2/12 (see pictures and video to come) we were stopped by one sheriff, and 3 highway patrol officers! They asked what we were doing and we informed them I had permission to Metal Detect this property. The sheriff informed me the
admin · 2174 days ago

You Might Be a Detectorist... Author: David HowellMetal Detecting Hobby Talk Page 1 of 2 http://www.mdhtalk.orgAuthor: David Howell, EmailI grew up in Del Rio, TX and married a girl from high school. We've been married 25 years thisNovember, have two kids
· 2181 days ago

Metal Detecting Burry Holes Ground Hog Came Back & Dug Them UP! I was up at my mom’s in Michigan last week, went out and dug about 10 small holes while metal detecting and I ALWAYS burry my holes. The next day I glanced out and seen my holes where unc
admin · 2055 days ago

Contractors find $300K of gold dust in heating vent You never know what you’ll find in an old vent. Workers from Clark & Rush, a California heating, ventilation and air conditioning company, found more than $300K in gold dust while working on an o
admin · 2183 days ago

I live in NC and was looking at places to go and prospect for gold or rock hound for gems. I was looking at the National Forest in NC that include Croatan, Nantahala, Pisgah, Uwharrie, per this map and this site which has some great info, I found this i
admin · 1749 days ago

I have found this to be so true over the years, and recently it has really paid off! I was at Northern Tool looking at a power source for my Gold Cube and the kind older gentlemen asked me what I was doing this for? I hesitated and told him, his eyes lit u
admin · 1978 days ago

I think I will take a drive and go to some spots I have marked where there was gold found, more when I get back with pictures etc.! Happy Hunting. GDT
admin · 1993 days ago
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