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Metal Detecting Atlantic City or Emerald Isle NC and need to know what the laws are here? Thanks in advance.  
1529 Days Ago
From the Menu bar, select "Videos" then from there select "Upload" and per the screen shot, create your first album, call it
1661 Days Ago
I'm also interested to know about the metal detecting beach laws, please let me know?   Thanks  
1664 Days Ago
I think with more and more people out Metal Detecting and some are not as patience as most, I heard today from a buddies wife
1668 Days Ago
I might be heading out this way to metal detect the beaches, anyone in North Carolina to metal detect soon?  
1668 Days Ago
Welcome to the site!   GDT
1726 Days Ago
Hi everyone...I'm from SW Michigan and have been detecting here for the past few years. Usually by myself and sometimes with
1728 Days Ago
Thanks for joining!
1728 Days Ago
New to the site...looks like a lot of fun!!!
1728 Days Ago
Does the photo of the clear crystal quartz look like a indian artifact? It fits perfectly in hand and the shape is unusual an
1735 Days Ago